TerrainNodes (FREE) - Advanced GPU based Erosion and Terrain generation add-on

Valeri Barashkov

Over 1700 downloads so far!

This version is the same as the paid add-on here, but simulations are limited to 512 x 512 resolution.

Updates beyond version 1.1.1 will be lagging.

No extra content is included in this version.

System Requirements: 

>>> 64bit Windows or Linux>>> NVIDIA GPU compute capability 3.5 and above! See this list for compatible NVIDIA GPUs. Also, latest driver is recommended (but not windows insider).

>>> Requires Blender 2.92 or above


  • Very fast GPU powered erosion on massive scales - (THIS VERSION IS LIMITED TO 512 x 512 resolution for simulations)
  • Cache system - calculated nodes are cached and reused unless settings change.
  • See Erosion as it happens as a 3D mesh and / or Image.
  • Hydro Erosion - 2D water simulation runs down slopes and picks up sediment, slowly (or quickly) eroding the terrain. Sediment is deposited in lower areas or where speed of water flow is reduced.
  • Thermal and Sediment Slope Erosion - Thermal erosion erodes steep edges, smoothing out the landscape. Converting terrain and rock to sediment. The sediment slope erosion moves sediment down until a stable slope is reached.
  • Dissolution Erosion - Dissolution is chemical erosion in slow moving bodies of water. For example a lake will slowly erode the rock and terrain around it, forming smooth bed.
  • Diffusion Reaction
  • Diffusion Plates - This a new experimental node that grows terrain at a chosen angle (not based on any natural process).
  • Solidification - Over many years sediment begins to harden this converts sediment back into terrain.
  • Fast import of ANT Landscape objects, or any object that is a perfect grid when looking from the top view down (so only displaced in z-axis). If you are used to using other landscape generating tools, but not satisfied with their erosion capabilities or level of resolution then this is for you!
  • Bake Vertex and Color data to a grid object (like bank to the ANT Landscape mountain).
  • Export layers as either single images or as channels packed into an image.
  • Procedural Texture Nodes and Math Node for generating complex noise based terrain (there will be a lot more improvements in this area).
  • And lots of other small "features", like making sure the user does not crash when running out of GPU ram and so on :)

  • Free version of Terrain Nodes 1.1.1 and example files

  • Free version of Terrain Nodes 1.1.1 and example files
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TerrainNodes (FREE) - Advanced GPU based Erosion and Terrain generation add-on

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